Neopost IS-460 / IS-480 Original Mailmark Blue Ink Cartridge


This genuine original Mailmark blue Neopost IS-460 / IS-480 ink cartridge is bought to you by Meter-Envelopes. We are authorized distributors and service agents for Neopost Ltd, and this is why we can bring you this genuine original Neopost IS-460 / IS-480 Mailmark product.

Meter Envelopes will guarantee this ink cartridge will give the same quality, life or quantity of prints as the original equipment manufacturers cartridge.

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Additional information

Royal Mail Approved


Suited For Models

Neopost IS-460 / IS-480

Cartridge Type

Genuine Original

Ink Colour

Mailmark Blue

Cartridge Life

Around 14,647 prints

Neopost Replacement Part Number / Product Code(s)

NEO342193 & 342193

Neopost Price

£228.99 + VAT & Delivery


This is a brand new and original Neopost IS-460 Mailmark ink cartridge and IS-480 Mailmark ink cartridge. It uses original Mailmark blue franking ink and comes directly from the original manufacturer Neopost. Perfectly designed for the Neopost IS-460 and IS-480 Mailmark franking machine models.


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