Neopost IJ25 / Autostamp Compatible Red Ink Cartridge


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This compatible red Neopost IJ25 / Autostamp ink cartridge is bought to you by Meter-Envelopes. This is a Royal Mail Approved replacement compatible for the Neopost IJ25 / Autostamp franking machine.

Meter Envelopes will guarantee this ink cartridge will give the same quality, life or quantity of prints as the original equipment manufacturers cartridge. None of our compatible Neopost franking machine ink cartridges and labels are manufactured, affiliated or endorsed by the original equipment manufacturer Neopost. Part and model Numbers are used for descriptive and reference purposes only.

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This is a compatible Neopost IJ25 ink cartridge and Autostamp ink cartridge. It uses Royal Mail Approved red franking ink and it comes directly from Meter Envelopes. Perfectly designed for the Neopost IJ25 and Autostamp franking machine models.

Meter-Envelopes are one of only two companies in the UK that have their own unique brand of franking machine ink, approved by the Royal Mail. The franking ink used in this Neopost IJ25 and Autostamp ink cartridge is fully compatible with all Neopost IJ25 and Autostamp franking machines. It is guaranteed to last the same amount of impressions and the same life span as an original cartridge brought directly from Neopost.

Additional information

Royal Mail Approved


Suited For Models

Neopost IJ25 / Autostamp

Cartridge Type


Ink Colour


Cartridge Life

Around 2,500 prints

Neopost Replacement Part Number / Product Code(s)

NEO300206, 300206, 4144151Y & 10178-800

Neopost Price

£89.99 + VAT & Delivery


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