1000 White DL Windowed (35mm x 90mm) Self Seal Envelopes (121mm x 235mm)


These compatible 1000 white DL windowed (121mm x 235mm) self seal envelopes (110mm x 220mm) are bought to you by Meter-Envelopes. Ideal to work with your mailing equipment and delivery consistent and reliable performance.

Meter-Envelopes will guarantee these self seal envelopes to be of high quality or we will offer you a full ‘no quibble’ refund.

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Additional information

Envelope Quality Weight


Envelope Colour


Envelope Type


Window Size

35mm x 90mm

Window Position

19mm from the left, 18mm from the bottom

Envelope Flaps / Seal

Self Seal

Envelope Dimensions

DL, 121mm x 235mm

Box Quantity

1000 Envelopes


These are 1000 white DL windowed (35mm x 90mm) self seal envelopes. These high quality self seal envelopes outsized seams ensure reliable consistent document insertion every time and less stoppages.


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