Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years Meter Envelopes have received dozens of questions about the franking machine industry, our services and our franking machine supplies. For this reason we have generated an FAQ page for your use. Take a gander below at some of our many frequently asked questions and answers to see if we can answer any questions that you currently have.

What are the current postage rates?

Recently the Royal Mail have released the postage rates for 2020. These rates enable every franked impression to save your business money. The latest Mailmark service can now save you a huge 11p on every 1st class letter franked and an even bigger 22p on every 2nd class letter franked, allowing for even more savings. Download our 2020 postage rates wall poster here to find out more.

What are the benefits of franking?

By franking mail you will immediately benefit from a range of franking benefits that will benefit your business. The benefits include:

  • Lower Franking Prices
  • Convenient to use
  • Quick to set up
  • Easy to use
  • Advertising messages
  • Money & Time Saving
  • Improved professional image

What is Mailmark?

Mailmark is a brand new initiative service released during 2014 for franking machines. This new service offers businesses even lower franking prices, a new 2D barcode and a wide range of franking machine benefits. This new technology is not a replacement service and as of yet is not mandatory. However as Mailmark franking is seen as the future it may be worth getting prepared now. Find out even more about Mailmark franking here.

What are the Mailmark benefits of franking?

By franking mail with the latest Mailmark technology will immediately benefit from a range of added benefits. The Mailmark benefits are:

  • Even Lower Franking Prices
  • Use a LAN connection
  • Automatic tariff updates
  • Brand new 2D barcode impression
  • Improved business image
  • More to come!

What is Smart Meter Technology?

Smart Meter technology is a slightly older piece of technology that is widely used in all modern franking machines. It has been around for a while but it uses data capture to inform the Royal Mail of any services used that are liable to VAT. Smart meter also allows smart blue franking ink to be used when franking, improving the readability of the impression.

What can I frank with a franking machine?

By franking mail items businesses will be able to frank and post with the following Royal Mail services with a franking machine:

  • 1st Class mail
  • 2nd Class mail
  • Recorded for delivery mail
  • Any special deliveries
  • Cleanmail
  • ParcelForce worldwide postal services
  • Airmail / or International mail

Are your compatible products Royal Mail Authorized?

All of our compatible and re-manufactured franking ink products are Royal Mail Approved. Mailcoms are one of only two companies in the world to have our own brand of red and blue franking machine ink. We are very proud of this award and it means that all compatible and re-manufactured products are guaranteed to work in your franking machine.

What franking machine supplies can you provide?

We can provide you with a massive range of franking machine supplies for a range of Neopost, Frama, FP Mailing and Pitney Bowes franking machines. We can supply the following products:

  • Franking Ink (Original, Compatible & Re-manufactured)
  • Franking Labels
  • Late Meter Posting Envelopes
  • Low Volume Meter Posting Envelopes
  • Folding Inserting Machine Envelopes
  • Miscellaneous Products