About Us

Meter-Envelopes.co.uk is brought to by Mailcoms Ltd, the first company to no longer use a a sales driven and commission paid sales team. Thanks to this we have been able to guarantee customer satisfaction and have gone on the strive within the industry and take head on the larger industries. Mailcoms have worked tirelessly to try and reduce the cost of buying or renting a franking machine for many years by not forcing the extras that come along with having a franking machine.

Mailcoms provide many other services other than meter-envelopes. We sell franking machines, franking machine supplies, meter envelopes, folding inserting machine envelopes and much more. We provide many sites to help increase consumers knowledge of franking machines as well as the entire franking process. This is so that the customer is never out of the loop. We have a dedicated UK based support team to help resolve any quires you may have, so please never hesitate to get in touch.